Countdown to baby!

Countdown to baby!
Gotta snack!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Baby Belly Pics

Maternity Photos

I'm so excited to be pregnant, especially since I thought I wouldn't be able to have another child.  I watch my mid section grow with joy and excitement.  I'm 36 years old!  My first child was born in 2006, so it's been a while.  With the ongoing medical concerns and now in the homestretch for delivery, I spontaneously got up one morning and said HEY I THINK I WILL DRIVE A FEW HOURS AND HAVE SOME MATERNITY PICS MADE TODAY! haha, and I did just that.

I have a wonderful photographer, that is artistic, creative and knows exactly what I would love.
I feel extremely thankful to be able to have such awesome memories in photographic form.  I  highly recommend expectant moms to takes pics, whether it is cell phone selfies or professional portraits.  Start snapping away!  Never think you look fat, bad or undesirable!  Believe it or not, pregnancy is a miraculous time and you should embrace it.  You will be very happy that you have those pics to gaze upon years down the road.  This is where your journey of motherhood begins.  It is special and God given.  There are all types of mothers, whether you are a woman that has bore or adopted, motherhood is very important.  Embrace every step!  Take pictures! Being a mom is the most important job you will ever hold.  You are your child's first teacher, first friend and first example.  You will cry and laugh, kiss boo boos and be their cheerleader.  Take pride and joy in your responsibilities.  Don't forget, your child is ALWAYS watching you.

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